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I have an older Couesnon clarinet with a PM barrel which is really too small for it. It fits on the first section with difficulty and I would like to have the correct barrel for my clarinet. You can see pictures of my "married" Couesnon here:,1526.0.html#msg11374

The Brilliant barrel I have seems to be in good condition, dark wood with a small triangle of lighter wood (sapwood?).

Greetings all ... I finally realized I'm not going to be playing my old clarinet any more. I bought it in 1980 in Boston, and at the time I thought had a wonderful sweet tone and I enjoyed playing it very much. It was the first decent clarinet I owned, so I was no expert (and still am no expert) so my opinion means .. not much. I decided I'd put it up for sale because it deserves to be played, but I'm not sure how I should describe it. I don't want to misrepresent it.

It's in a Leblanc case. The bell is ebonite/hard rubber, marked "Couesnon & Cie A Paris" and "Exposition Universelle de Paris 1900, Hors membre con cours"? Sorry, it's hard to read. The barrel is marked "Brilliante Model, Penzel-Mueller Long Island City NY" and the mouthpiece is unmarked and seems plastic. The other sections are both marked Couesnon & Cie A Paris. The barrel has a lighter color streak in the dark wood, the other sections are deep black wood. Is that ebony, or "grenadilla" wood? The keys have a bright plating that polishes up nice - I shined it just a little bit and oiled the wood. One of the ferrules looks like brass with the silver plating worn off.

I bought it from the owner of a musical instrument store, and he said it was his own personal clarinet, so maybe he put the various bits together himself. What would be the best way to find a new owner? Is it valuable enough to sell on an auction site? If not, is it still a decent enough clarinet to donate to a student?

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