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All about Clarinets / Re: Replacing pads and corks
« Last post by TMHeimer on January 18, 2020, 09:10:50 PM »
I buy a varied selection of pads and pad cement to do my own replacement. For corks I buy the appropriate thickness and use Duco Cement glue (hard to find these days).
That's for my student model Selmer. For my Buffet it goes to the shop.
All about Clarinets / Re: The Most Advanced Clarinet Book
« Last post by TMHeimer on January 18, 2020, 09:07:14 PM »
The book website is complete with blogs, news, etc.
For PDF samples go to:
  (click on the book image then on PDF).
All about Clarinets / I finally started to play clarinet again!
« Last post by DaveLeBlanc on January 17, 2020, 08:26:49 PM »
Guys, I haven't played clarinet recreationally in 2 years at this point.

I decided to pull my old contra alto clarinet out of storage, dust it off, and give it a go.

I have to say, it's very nice to be back in the saddle. I can't tell you how much I truly missed the sweet, low, and resonant sound of the contra clarinet.
Make and Model lists and research / Re: Silver Throat clarinets
« Last post by DaveLeBlanc on January 17, 2020, 01:21:46 PM »
Pad mites are a type of small insect that devours the felt interior of the pad.

If you work with enough instruments, you will end up seeing dead bugs, bug shells, and if you're lucky - a real live pad mite!
All about Clarinets / Re: Ultimate Mouthpiece Buying Guide (INPUT NEEDED)
« Last post by windydankoff on January 16, 2020, 09:03:31 PM »
So here's a lesson ... our hero Phil Pedler wrote to me that he tried Sumner MPs and they don't work for him. I also swear by Fibracell synthetic reeds. The don't work for him either. Fact is, the mouthpiece (and reed) is the interface with the dynamic anatomy of the human body. And we are all so different! It seems to show up very distinctly in the mouthpiece of the clarinet. So MY input to this struggling "Ultimate Guide" is that there is NO ultimate, except in relation to the individual. It's like shoes.

I went through a crazy number of MPs, old and new. Never liked ANY new ones. Found my ultimate by chance buying a Sumner from eBay, then a few more.  It took me 3 years to find it. Other people just buy what's recommended and they do just fine. It's just one of the mysteries of the instrument we love (if we're lucky). In retrospect, I would may have done better to book a flight to a big city and and spend a day or two in instrument shops trying MPs.

Once I found MY "ultimate" MP, thoughts of an "ultimate" clarinet faded away. MY ultimate mouthpiece makes a cheap clarinet sound great. It's often said the MP is half the instrument. I say it's 80%.  To upgrade your act, I would say to find YOUR ultimate MP first, THEN shop for a clarinet or barrel upgrade. It will make your search much easier.
Make and Model lists and research / Re: Silver Throat clarinets
« Last post by windydankoff on January 14, 2020, 04:28:43 PM »
They are measuring the pads by the outside diameter of the cup. I was giving you the inside diameter. I think their website shows how they measure. If you give them both ID and OD, they should serve you right.
Make and Model lists and research / Re: Silver Throat clarinets
« Last post by bobphoenix on January 14, 2020, 12:05:30 PM »
Thanks Windy,
So, this is a later model with a strange serial number... Okay, that helps a lot.

I went to Instrument Clinic with your numbers for the new pads and I think I gave them fits...
So, went back and pulled a few of the old brittle pads and I measured each pad and the numbers seem odd to me..
All of the upper joint pads measure 10mm, but the inside of the cup part of the pad measured 9mm. Same for the lower joint... 13mm and 17mm but the cup is about a mm smaller...
Here's what I pulled out... Is this normal...?

BTW: The guy at the local music store said this instrument had "Pad Mites" and I should just leave it there, with him, (and buy a newer instrument). The gouge in the pad is from being brittle (dry rot) and a piece breaking off.

Looks just like my Vito alto, which I love! The upper chalumeau and the lower clarion have some of the tonal magic of a baritone sax.  I have two old Vito hard rubber mouthpieces. They both sound wonderful. They take alto sax reeds.
Make and Model lists and research / Re: Silver Throat clarinets
« Last post by windydankoff on January 13, 2020, 11:24:22 AM »
Saw your picture. You got a later model one with nickel plated keys, and very clean. Forget what I said about polishing!

Wishing you a happy project. Keep us informed of your progress. If you don't get wonderful tone from it, let us know. We will coach you further.

Yours!   Windy New Mexico Chapter, Cult of the Silver Throat
Make and Model lists and research / Re: Silver Throat clarinets
« Last post by bobphoenix on January 13, 2020, 11:00:24 AM »
Hi, and Thanks!
When I started looking around for information on this unit, I noticed everywhere the serial numbers were 5 digits... that has baffled me also... I can find no other number markings on any of the other parts (beside the upper and lower key barrels.)

My photo is in my Google photos folder so that's perhaps why it won't show... Or, maybe I need to be a longer standing member to show photos?

But here's a shareable link...
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