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Author Topic: The ORIGINAL Clarinet Pages - and how you can help keep it that way  (Read 144 times)


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Hello all,

As you may know from Silversorcerer's post, the noble, always-free and non-profit "Clarinet Pages" name is being hijacked for monetary sponsorship gain by the WWBB.
In order to combat this, this, the original Clarinet Pages forum needs as many Google hits as possible.
To do this please:
1. Mention "The Clarinet Pages" at least once per post. Google's algorithm counts how many times those words appear verbatim for search results.
2. Change your signature block to include "The Clarinet Pages". Every post you make will now have "The Clarinet Pages" appear at least twice. See me, Silversorcerer, Mechanic, and others for examples on signature blocks.
3. Tell your friends! Tell your friends about out site and our forum. The more unique IP hits we get, the better off we are.

With the help of all of you forum members, I know we can help keep our Clarinet Pages at the top of Google's hit list, where it should be.
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David Watson of the original The Clarinet Pages


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Re: The ORIGINAL Clarinet Pages - and how you can help keep it that way
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Proudly added to my signature block!  8)
Saving clarinets from becoming lamps, one instrument at a time. Only on The Clarinet Pages. :)