Author Topic: Auguste Buffet jeune clarinet circa 1860-1884? (Now with pics!)  (Read 50 times)

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Hello all- been away from the forum for a while- getting back into some clarinet stuff again recently.  I've got another "grail" clarinet on its way to me- an instrument by Auguste Buffet jeune (literally "young"- because he was a younger Buffet family brother?), (uncle of Jean-Louis Buffet-Crampon,younger brother of Denis Buffet-Auger).  As we well know, this Buffet collaborated to create the so-called Boehm system clarinet with Klose (and yes, possibly with advice of Boehm himself from information I read) in the late 1830s- early 1840s.  I should have some pics for you soon, but in the meantime, the instrument has square edged pad cups- putting it in my estimation, somewhere in the 1860+ time frame.  A.B. jeune died in 1864, but his son Louis-Auguste (who often just called himself "Auguste" as well, apparently) Buffet apparently took over management the workshop over his career there and it seems he may have continued on after his father's death until his death in 1884.  My main question is, did he use his father's mark during the time period of 1864-1884?  And did the fairly common "Auguste Buffet" lyre/star/Paris labeled clarinets have anything to do with Louis-Auguste Buffet?  They seem to be later instruments- did somebody sell the rights to use his name somehow?

It's a plain 17/6 Boehm, so not much to see other than the logo.  Barrel and bell not original, unfortunately. The pics with the other clarinets shows L to R: ca. 1850 Buffet Crampon A enhanced Boehm, ca. 1860 Auguste Buffet jeune Bb, ca. 1870 Buffet Crampon Bb, 1886 Buffet Crampon unibody Bb, 1906 Buffet Crampon Eb.
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