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Title: Legere Reeds
Post by: BD on July 24, 2019, 10:09:14 PM
I am interested in hearing opinions & feed back- I have always used Vandoren cane reeds & purchased a Legere for the first time the other day- I'm undecided on whether I like it or not yet
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: LarryS on July 25, 2019, 05:48:22 AM
I'm tempted to get one. I'm so tired of fighting with reeds I put my clarinet in its case, out of the way.
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: philpedler on August 14, 2019, 02:19:58 PM
I have recently had my own reed battle. But it has to do with not being satisfied with my G clarinet mouthpiece and reed combination.

For the Bb or A clarinet, I really like the Legere Signature series. I recommend that you don't get the cheaper non-signature ones.

I recently tried the Fibracell brand (USA) and also the Forestone brand from Japan. For jazz, I bet a lot of people would find a Fibracell strength they would like. For more classical players or band, the Legere Signature gets my vote. I've been playing them since around 2004, or before they had the Signature kind.
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: LarryS on August 17, 2019, 12:03:09 PM
How are the Plasticover reeds?
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: DaveLeBlanc on August 17, 2019, 08:35:23 PM
I've never tried Plasticover; I have read mixed opinions.

As I understand it, it is functionally a cane reed that is layered with a plastic coating, which means that you no longer have to soak or suck on the reed at all.

Just by thinking about it, it seems like a Plasticover would give you the timbre and feeling of a cane reed with the ease of use and durability of a plastic reed.

As far as synthetic reeds, I use:
Legere for Eb, and contra-alto
Fibracell for soprano
Bari for bass

Out of the three, I much prefer the Fibracell in general for tone quality and mouth-feel.

However, when I got them, Legere was the only option for Eb and contra alto, and Bari was cheapest for bass.
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: LarryS on August 18, 2019, 03:10:29 AM
Tempted to try a Fibracell now, especially as I prefer to play jazzy stuff.
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: windydankoff on August 18, 2019, 09:46:49 AM
I've been using Fibracell only, for over 3 years. When I try a Vandoren blue or Java (half-grade harder) they seem to be equivalent, so if I have a good one, they play the same. Just remember to first try 1/2 grade softer than your cane reed.

I need to buy about 5 per year. Old or new, they play consistently until eventually there's a sudden change and that's the end. I perform on flute and clarinets in C, Bb and G. And, I live in a dry climate where cane reeds dry out quickly. I'm grateful to be liberated from taming the wild cane.

My pref. is for soft reeds, #2 cane, which equates to Fibracell 1.5. Legere and Forestone don't  make 'em that soft, so I can't compare.

My only issue On the Fibracell, the side edges where the lip contacts feel sharp and irritating to me. I lightly sand or scrape to round the edges in that area, so they feel smooth on my lip. It doesn't effect the performance. The texture across my lip feels slightly rough, but I have never had any irritation from it.
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: LarryS on August 18, 2019, 10:21:41 AM
Well I currently favour Rico 2.5s so if I was to get a Fibracell you say I should go for a 2?
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: windydankoff on August 18, 2019, 11:07:21 AM
You can find the Fibracell comparison chart online. I inidcates that 2 or 2.5 is in the range of the Rico 2.5.

The generality is that you go to a lower number, so I would try a 2 first.
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: LarryS on August 18, 2019, 12:09:51 PM
Thanks Windy
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: TMHeimer on August 25, 2019, 06:41:17 PM
I've had 2 Legere reeds. The first was too hard, so I shaved it a bit. Big mistake, ruined it. The one I currently have is 1/2 strength softer that the 2  1/2  Van Dorens I use. It plays if set exactly even with the top of the MP facing. I don't like it but it is cost -efficient for practicing. I would never use it performing.
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: Bethany on August 17, 2020, 10:04:27 PM
Hi all,

For some months now, my only reed has been the Legere Classic 2.5 for Bb Clarinet. Love it! I'm looking at moving to the next strength, as well as to a new ligature and mouthpiece.

In the discussion at , folks are most consistently recommending NOT a Legere CLARINET reed but the Legere Soprano SAX Signature.

A couple of the posts even recommend the TENOR SAX Legere, which I happen to have for another instrument. However, at ~8cm long,the tenor reed does not fit on my clarinet nor within my current ligature.

My questions:

1- In that discussion, would the tenor have been suggested only for a bass clarinet, then?

2 - Have any of you, too, found the Legere sax reed better on your clarinet than the clarinet reed?

3 - If you know, what is the length of the Legere Soprano Sax Signature?

4 - Do you know if the Legere Signature for Bb clarinet now "caught up" to the sax ones, such that the recommendations on that board -for clarinet- should be considered obsolete? i.e. On clarinet, are we to expect as excellent results with the Signature clarinet reeds as people were reporting in the sax ones?
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: Dibbs on August 18, 2020, 07:37:53 AM
How are the Plasticover reeds?

It's been years since I tried them but they were truly awful.  Unresponsive with a harsh buzzy sound.
Title: Re: Legere Reeds
Post by: LarryS on August 25, 2020, 02:17:35 PM
Well I use a Legere European Cut 2 now. Its great!