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Title: Value of Reconditioned Vintage Clarinets
Post by: kewald on August 01, 2020, 10:56:24 AM
In the past several months I've been reconditioning some Bb Clarinets that I bought on Ebay, with the intent of selling them, though probably not on Ebay if there are other venues that might be more appropriate.  The one aspect of doing this that I am absolutely terrible at is establishing a fair market value for the instruments.  Don't ask me how many hours I've spent on each horn - my short term memory is terrible, so I don't even try to keep track.  If I made a note of the start time I'd lose the note.  Not looking to make enough to justify the time as that is time well spent.

By way of background, I'm old enough to know better, but not too old to try anyway.  I'm a fairly competent woodworker (actually made custom furniture professionally for a few years), and lifelong DIYer.  I've bought and read several books about clarinet repair, and think I have now become somewhat proficient in most aspects of the craft.  So far, starting with my 1949 Boosey & Hawkes Edgware that I played from 4th grade through graduating high school in 1958, and then not again until earlier this year (or was it late last year?), I've completed work on 7 instruments.  They all play well, at least to my old ears.  I've also refaced each mouthpiece, flattening the table and smoothing the curve so the mouthpiece plays well with a #2 reed (figuring most beginners should start around that strength).  This is a listing of the instruments completed to date:BTW, I got back into music to learn to play Alto Sax, thanks to a review of the Jean Paul instrument by Jay Metcalf of BetterSax on YouTube.  Finding it very enjoyable in addition to relearning clarinet.  Probably won't ever play well enough for anyone's enjoyment but my own, but it helps keep the gray matter alive.

So the main question: any idea what a fair market value range for any of these horns might be?

Kindest Regards,
Title: Re: Value of Reconditioned Vintage Clarinets
Post by: DaveLeBlanc on August 01, 2020, 11:29:45 AM
Most vintage clarinets will sell anywhere between $200 and $300. You only exceed $300 when you have something special such as a Selmer Paris (CT, Series 9, 10, etc) or Buffet (E11, R13, etc)

I sell Normandys all day for $300, but never more than that. Sometimes I have to let them go for as little as $250, but with patience $300 for any Normandy is very achievable.

Edgewares are going to probably top out at $250; expect to get around $200 for those.

I'm not sure what the American Student is, but probably no more than $200 for that one.

Selling venues:
1. eBay - PROS: widest reach, even international
                          simplest selling and shipping process
               CONS: ~13% total fees between eBay and PayPal
                          buyers have all the power and can sometimes abuse sellers
2. - PROS: wide reach, though mostly domestic
                                    more specialized/direct market
                                    lower fees than eBay, (advertised "3.5%" fee is inaccurate - ends up being closer to 8-10%)
                          CONS: nothing to note
3. - PROS: best prices, mostly cash-in-hand transactions with no fees
                             CONS: very limited reach, only local
                                        always a danger when meeting in person

Hope this helps
Title: Re: Value of Reconditioned Vintage Clarinets
Post by: kewald on August 01, 2020, 11:57:39 AM
Thanks, that helps a lot.