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Title: Clarinet Pads vs Saxophone Pads
Post by: RMcCarty on May 11, 2022, 03:22:49 AM
Hello All-
I have a beginners question - is there any difference between a plain ( no resonator ) saxophone pad and a clarinet pad of the same thickness and similar materials?
I am attempting to overhaul an old Vito bass clarinet and it appears to need pads of 3 different thicknesses with the bottom 6 definitely being sax pads as they are very thick and have resonators. Can I use sax pads (of the correct thickness) for the rest or will that cause trouble down the road?

Title: Re: Clarinet Pads vs Saxophone Pads
Post by: jdbassplayer on May 11, 2022, 08:46:22 AM
Generally "bass clarinet" pads made by Pisoni, Music Medic and other manufacturers are made thinner (usually around 3.2-3.5mm) than sax pads (3.8+mm). Most bass clarinets including Vitos need a mix of the thinner bass clarinet pads on the top and sax pads on the bottom. For example, On a Buffet I just overhauled I used Ferree's B32s (3.2mm) for everything from RH2 up and B42s (4.7mm) For RH3 downward. This is pretty standard on most bass clarinets. I would not try to use sax pads on the top end of the instrument.