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Make and Model lists and research / Re: Penzel Mueller Serial Time line
« on: January 31, 2017, 07:06:51 PM »
I just found this wonderful page last night doing some research on a Penzel Mueller Soloist I picked up yesterday at one of my favorite thrift stores down here in South East Texas. I saw it sitting in the display case and once I looked it over and did a very quick and dirty look on eBay I had to bite for $25. The serial number is: 6465B, it does not have what I think to be the original mouth piece it is labeled: Golden Goldentone 3 and appears to be plastic.  For the instrument the only issue I can see besides obvious wear to the keys is the lowest key on the upper 1/2 right side (the one the palm actuates) is broken off but the piece is there, and the top most pad on the right hand side is not all there. The rest of the instrument though looks to be in very nice shape, I'm 1/2 way tempted to get my mouthpiece off of my Martin Freres and give it a whirl with the pad plugged of course. Aside from adding the serial information did I make a good purchase and is it worth getting repaired and re-padded? I mostlikely want to keep it for a while and possibly teach my oldest daughter to play. But I can always be tempted with a good offer, everyone here seems to be very decent so I'm not worried mentioning offers lol.

Thanks for y'alls time,

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