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I can recommend Yamaha as an underrated plastic wonder. Not sure about the models, but I have a student with an old cheapy and it sounds quite wonderful.

This is super-unusual!  If the barrel cracked also, for no apparent reason, I would assume it was a made with a defective batch of plastic.

You can find Vito Reso-Tone clarinets at pawn shops, eBay, Craigs List, ...  all the time.  They are the best of plastic. Even professional players sometimes keep them as backups or when playing outdoors. I would just reach down for some pocket change and buy another one!

All about Clarinets / Re: Tuning and Key of clarinet
« on: January 10, 2023, 04:42:30 PM »
I look forward to joining you on modal adventures through the islands! I hope my Boehm system clarinets will speak your language. (One of them is a G)

All about Clarinets / Re: Tuning and Key of clarinet
« on: January 10, 2023, 05:55:08 AM »
Thank you Stafanos, for sending us your perspective on this complex instrument. The physics are constant, but every culture has a different way to use it. The Greek approach stretches my experience, and I'm fascinated. // Windy in USA

All about Clarinets / Re: a very early C soprano clarinet
« on: December 29, 2022, 12:20:14 PM »
Absolutely! The keys will buff to a dark and lovely shine. I would do it to enjoy the process, and honor the past ... and for the anticipation!

All about Clarinets / Re: a very early C soprano clarinet
« on: December 03, 2022, 02:45:49 PM »
The designation of "high" pitch standard - HP, vs. LP standard, would be typical of the late 19th or early 20th century. Can we see photos?

All about Clarinets / Re: Do jazz players favour double lip?
« on: October 29, 2022, 06:37:38 AM »
Jazz (or any) players with front teeth that are chipped or poorly aligned or unhealthy may favour double lip. Tooth and jaw and other health issues may influence embouchure in various ways. Playing off to one side is fairly common, and easily observed.

JD - I have a client who is interested in the Chinese Albert system G. What's been your experience with those?

Did your 2021 HR one have a proper bell length?  Mine needed a major splice to lengthen the bell.

My original pads from 2019 are holding fine. But I don’t practice extensively on it. I estimate about 10 minutes of play per week. What’s your overall experience with the wood version now?

Last entry (Phil's) is from 2019. Since then, has anybody purchase one of these so we can have an update on the intonation problems?

The Chinese C clarinets' intonation improved greatly over a period of 3 years. I expect these have been improved. I have a client who wants one so maybe there is some good news out there? Jared (JD) reported that his wooden version was much better than the hard rubber one. So I am hoping the HR has been improved to match the wood ones.

All about Clarinets / Re: Maybe I knew, but I don't!
« on: August 25, 2022, 06:39:25 PM »
Ace Hardware has a variety of rubber plugs that give a reliable seal. I use one to plug the bottom of the lower joint. Got another that fits bass cl. Also I have drilled rubber plugs to insert a tube, so I don't have to mouth the instrument directly.

All about Clarinets / Re: Maybe I knew, but I don't!
« on: August 14, 2022, 12:16:47 PM »
I would whip out my trusty cut-off stethoscope ...

Make and Model lists and research / Re: Pruefer Clarinet
« on: July 18, 2022, 04:32:52 PM »
I find that the optimum mouthpiece is very important to obtain a free-blowing instrument. What kind of MP are you using / or what did it come with?

Make and Model lists and research / Re: Pruefer Clarinet
« on: July 17, 2022, 08:39:56 AM »
You have a treasure!  Here is ...


The work of Gustav F. Pruefer (1861-1951)

The following quote is from the Newsletter of the American Musical Instrument Society, Vol. XVII, No. 3, October 1988, sourced 6-2-18 from https://amis.org/publications/newsletter/1981/17.3-1987.pdf Spelling corrected.

“As an instrument maker, as well as a player, Pruefer, self-taught, was notably successful. The Pruefer Company in Providence, Rhode Island, was known particularly for its mass-produced, Boehm-system clarinets. Pruefer's musical and industrial reputation was quite the same as that of William Mueller-generous, but driven and keenly competitive. The two men were business associates during the World War I era. The portrait was taken in Markneukir-chen at a time when Pruefer worked in the Moennig shop.”

CHRONOLOGY  Source: The Clarinet Board online, plus my own research (Windy Dankoff)

1906 Gustav “Gus” Pruefer started his first clarinet company. He was born in USA to a German immigrant family that manufactured jewelry (still in jewelry business in Providence, RI.)
1914 Pruefer merged with Penzel and Mueller to form Penzel, Mueller and Pruefer
1920 Penzel died and Pruefer left the company
1920 Gus Pruefer traveled to Markneukirchen Germany to help Hans Moennig modernize his factory
1921 Gus restarted Pruefer Mfg. Co. Providence, RI with Hans Moennig on board.
US Patent issued 1931 for a complex metal liner for wood clarinets, allowing for expansion of the wood (Pat. #1801690). It looks impractical, but it shows the inventive side of Gus Pruefer.
1942 ad showed Pruefer ebonite clarinet with nickel-silver lining in upper joint, not yet named “Silver Throat”
1942 Pruefer sold the company to an apprentice (Ref: Newsletter Of The American Musical Instrument Society, June 1988)
1955 ad showed the instrument with the trade name “Silver Throat”
1960’s degraded to smaller bore in lower joint, nickel-plated keys, and eventually a plastic body.
1976 Factory in Providence, RI burned down … RIP!

Search "Pruefer Silver Throat" on this list for extensive discussions of those post-1940 models

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