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For any other people who find this brand, here is the only reference I could find anywhere.....
A listing of musical companies by village name. Company was started in 1884, in a village called Villetoureix. 870 habitants !


As of 2020 906 people live there now...... :)

Here are some other photos. A wall hanger isn't bad either, it was made not far from where I live in France, in a small town of 900 people.... that kind of history is worth more than 50 bucks.... ;)

I will take some more photos later. Does the age make it worth anything more than 40 bucks ? :)

Hello to all and thanks for the help !
I am the new owner of what appears to be a very old French clarinet, marked ROY Ch., Villetoureix, Riberac. (France)
All I could find about it was a 1920's book with the mention the company had started in 1884....
I can post other images. It came with a leather pouch, not a case! Appears to need pads and a new cork but otherwise a very nice old wooden model.
Does anyone have any ideas about it?

Thanks !

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