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All about Clarinets / Re: Another Blues...
« on: May 05, 2021, 01:31:59 PM »

That was VERY nice!  I like the tone from all three instruments (clarinet, guitar, and voice).  Really nicely done. 

If I am correct from what I read in your post, I am kind of assuming you are “newer” to the aspects of recording yourself and merging sound tracks and “splicing” video (not sure what the current term for splicing would be)?  If I am correct, I would very much enjoy (if you do not mind) a description of the equipment and software you used to create your video.  I would like to do a video like this myself. 


Yes, it is more of a matte finish than I was expecting from previously playing a Bundy version.  So, it may be from the 1980s.... that is interesting to know as well.... thank you! 

Would you know, since you are suggesting it may be a “step up” from the Bundy version..... at that time (1980s).... were both Bundy versions and Selmer USA versions both produced simultaneously and if so, might my horn be considered a “better model” in any ways OTHER than just the closer-to-wood appearance to the body? 


While I would love to play my alto clarinet with the community band I am in..... I do not currently do so and instead play my bass clarinet..... because our community band’s music selection is primarily of old scores of high school level pieces.... and virtually none of them have any alto clarinet parts.... a few have them on the conductor’s score, but it seems a lot of the PARTS for alto clarinet we’re lost (perhaps discarded).  I tried for a bit to use alto sax parts, but they tended to focus a lot on the upper register, and it felt like I wasn’t really able to contribute much because virtually nothing ever seemed to extend beyond (lower than) middle “C” on the horn.... so I sort of felt a bit short changed in terms of where I could best help the group.  Unfortunately, I am not a swift transposer.... so that is not really a great option for me either.

I guess I am just glad my bass clarinet is appreciated.  🙂


Oh!  Very nice!  Thank you for the background link!  The mouthpiece looks pretty nice, but I really like the look of the upper ring of the barrel in the first set of pictures! 


All about Clarinets / New Here.... Contra Alto Clarinet
« on: May 02, 2021, 10:48:40 AM »

I am a new person here, as I only discovered this place accidentally a little bit ago (I have been mostly on the ClarinetBB and on SaxOnTheWeb.). 

I am looking forward to participating!  I primarily play Bass Clarinet, though I also play soprano and alto. 

Recently, I was very fortunate to find a Contra Alto Clarinet after years of trying to find one in my price range.  I am very excited!  I wrote a topic in the “ID” forum here, but was not sure if that was the best place to post it.  I am hoping to figure out the specific model and approximate age of my new beast since it is a bit different than I originally thought (it is Selmer..... not Selmer-Bundy).  The serial number is 85XX. 

Thank you!  I am eager to begin participating here often! 


I have seen many serial number lists for clarinets and bass clarinets, but I am wondering if there is a list that helps gauge age and models of contra alto clarinets that any of you know of?

When I purchased my contra alto, I was surprised that it was not the Selmer-Bundy type I had been used to. It is pretty much the same but is specifically only named/stamped as Selmer..... no Bundy designation at all. And the original case has a square metal plaque on it that simply says Selmer, USA..... no Bundy on it either.

This has me curious to try to figure out the age of the beast..... not sure if it is newer or older than what I had been used to. And, frankly, I am not really sure if it is a different “model” of the time or not too.

The serial number is four digits only and is in the 85XX range.

If anyone knows how to help determine age.... year and model.... I would be very appreciative!


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