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Trading Post / Re: Good stuff on ebay
« on: October 12, 2021, 09:57:12 PM »
McIntyre time folks!  Two are listed at give-away prices on Ebay.  "Buy It Now", too.  You might wait a while to see one again, and next time, they won't be this cheap, I suspect.

These listings are still there...  The wooden Artiste is listed at 200 bucks, but the strange part comes in the quanty available, quantity sold columns....   0 avail, 4 sold...  clicking the sold brings up 4 sales of the two listed in this ad.

I messaged the seller to find out if there are actually any available stilll, but have an uneasy feeling that a "Picker" having a stash of rareish clarinets is a liitle iffy...

Almost hit buy it now then noticed the avail /sold numbers and hesitated.   




What is the extra key on the upper body? I see 4 keys in a line above the c hole

The the patented McIntyre McSystem. Those four holes mean that you can play all throat tone notes - G, Ab, A, Bb without having to take your fingers off of the three upper rings - by pressing down the rings in certain combinations you can get all the throat tones. This is much faster when you get used to it, but is much slower when learning.

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