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Interesting. Good to know. I'll spruce it up and look into offers I can get in the market. Unless I can be the first to make clarinet fit into a death metal band, I think it deserves to be in a non abusive relationship.

Thanks everyone who replied.

Sorry - more pics of the case. I can't find any similar one on the net

Thanks. With all the searching I did to try and find another bag similar to it, I assume it might be a rare design? I might put it up for auction and see if there is interest.

Hi, community.
I am wondering if this case is authentic or not?
I only managed to find cases that open the other direction.
It has a zip and back straps.

I have no recollection of where I found it but I am wondering if someone elaborate on any info that might be different if it is out of the ordinary.
I am good at reverse searching items to identify them but this has be stumped.

Thanks for the time.

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