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All about Clarinets / Unmarked Buffett Crampon?
« on: August 05, 2022, 09:22:13 AM »
I'm new to the forum so I'll say a quick hello all...

HELLO ALL!  Nice to find a good informative forum.

Can you help identify a clarinet?

About 5 years ago, my father picked up a wooden clarinet at a yard sale.  I can't imagine he payed more than $20 for it (that would make for an "expensive" yard sale purchase).  There are no brand markings on any section.  The only markings I have to go by are the S/N on the upper and lower section (A672) and a smaller 11 G hidden under the keys of the lower section).  Looking at a ton of pictures of wooden clarinets for comparison, it looks like a Buffet Crampon (Boehm System).  If so, the serial number would mean it was produced in 1886.

I'm trying to figure out if it destined to be a Stencil and just never was or if Buffet Crampon didn't brand some clarinets at the time.  Google couldn't get me there on that one.

If it is a Buffet Crampon, I'm thinking of getting it overhauled, at least to the point of being playable, and to extend it's life a bit longer.

Pictures attached.

Thanks for your time and again... HELLO ALL!

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