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Funny that you mention that, because I have a Yamaha student clarinet -RC II. The sound is nice but I find the G/D hole a little too big for my right ring finger and for me the break is a little clumsy. I tend to get a little grunt on the B and C. Again that could be me but maybe I should have a tech look it over.

I just remember how in junior and senior HS how nice the Vito fit with me.  :)

Yes, I would be happy to purchase another one, but I live in England (that Vito was at my family home in N.Y.) and they are much harder to come by and the ones that are for sale on eBay are going for like 3 times what you would pay in the US.

Having said that, I might plonk down the £££ for another one.

This is interesting to me as I was thinking about picking up the flute as I get so frustrated sometimes with the whole business of the reed. I'll bear in mind what you say brigaltman - I was thinking of just getting an inexpensive one to try.

This is my first post. I saw this thread and thought of my first clarinet. This was residing at my family home since I stopped playing (I've since taken it up again - twice). I loved this clarinet. But sadly, as you can see the upper joint is bust - I was surprised and disappointed when I found this out a couple of years ago. It was not kept in extreme conditions - just in an indoor closet.

At some point in the past - but I don't remember - the original barrel broke in the same way (and there are two replacements in the case). Serial number A98668. 1973 or 74?

I don't want to put off anyone wanting to buy a vintage Vito Reso-Tone by posting this. It might have just been my clarinet (going to pre-empt any jokes about it suffered from my playing  :D).

But I do have a question. Because I remember how nicely this clarinet played for me (forgot to say it came with a NEMC Made in France Steelite Ebonite mouthpiece G8, which I still use), if the new LeBlancs are similar in general? I am in the market for a new clarinet and I would buy the Serenade if it is similar.


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