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Hello all (and goodbye).  I've decided that it's time to hang up the holster--no wind left to play.  My Vito Leblanc  (?--serial number, 5015, doesn't match) resonite alto clarinet is listed on EBay (search "Alto Clarinet, Vito Leblanc, Resonite"--I can't get the hyperlink to work here);  there is a link there to a vimeo of me playing Ashokan Farewell (shows the    register change--not a performance that I'm proud of).   Included are a Hite mouthpiece (makes a lot of difference in the sound),  a good strap, a silk swab,  my  home-made support stand (4 inch pipe and toilet flange), and sterilized synthetic reeds, and unused cane reeds  (3.0), I'm willing to let it go for a  lot less than the "Buy it Now" price listed on Ebay to one of you guys if anyone's interested.  And, so long, it's been good to know you.

All about Clarinets / Looking for an A clarinet--advice needed
« on: February 27, 2017, 09:52:23 AM »
I'm planning to sell my Vito "Resotone" alto clarinet  (will include pictures shortly) and buy a used A-clarinet or alternatively, the Allora intermediate A clarinet on WWBW (with a very bad review).   I like the fact that the A can go a little bit lower on the bass scale than a Bb, so I'll still be able to play most of the bass choral lines in our Church instrumental group and that it will be much lighter to lug around than alto.   Any comments about ease of playing or what to look for in an EBay ad for A clarinets?   Many thanks.

Added later:On Ebay search for "A clarinets",  I see a bunch of Chinese ranging in price from $159 to 219  and a used Boosey and Hawkes from England ("fully serviced") for $350 (including shipping)...any comments on these?   thanks again.

Added still later:  putting my upper price limit at $700 I see some Albert system wooden (grenadilla and cocobolo?) made in Pakistan--anyone familiar with these?   Thanks once more.

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