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Hi Forum

I am lloking for help in finding out some more information on a clarinet that I have found at my aunt's house. According to my mother she never knew that they even owned a clarinet. I have checked the serial numbers on the instrument via the net and found a date that this serial number was registered back in 1885. But also the mouthpiece and the bell seem to be of different manufacturers being BUFFET CRAMPON (Mouthpiece) CORTON (Bell).

We are interested to find out more regarding the history of this instrument as it dates back to 1885 and by the maths it should have only been in our family and assume it would have been bought as new.

Any help with regards to tracing serial numbers, history of purchases (as I think you would have ordered from the factory back in 1885 for an instrument like this), etc, any information possible please.

Thank you all in advance for your help.

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