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All about Clarinets / Setting Up a Bundy Alto Instructions Needed
« on: June 26, 2021, 05:15:51 AM »
Hello all. I have a Bundy Alto Clarinet and I am a novice in terms of playing anything on it. I did my own pad job and messed up but not badly. I put it in a reputable shop and the tech said after some minor adjustments it was now playable. I wasn't at all impressed with it's performance and am not sure I want to put it back in the shop as I'm expecting that would be a segue to more charges and a confrontation. I had a pro player check it out also and he pronounced it as unplayable.

 I cannot find resources online on how to go through these instruments in a methodical way to test and adjust the hardware. I think I asked this before on this Forum, years ago, but got somewhat ambiguous answers like "the internet' or "check Youtube". I haven't found anything myself. If I have missed anything, a proper link would be awesome. Cheers.

Greetings folks. As is the case with my collection of sub $100 trumpets, I have accumulated some instruments that I attempted my own pad job on (a Bundy) or another high end alto a Selmer that simply won't play especially into the upper octaves. I do not wat to spend a pile of money on these or take it to a tech who will then take me to the cleaners. I am such a novice, with no mentor available, that I do not know how to trouble shoot the problem. I'm sure my problem is solvable via adjustments that would be simple for a pro or a tech but I know nothing about. Are there any links out there for doing these diagnostics and repairs ? People keep telling me go look on Youtube but I haven't found any videos at all.


Getting my daughter ready for school and she has been assigned clarinet for band. I have a pretty decent playing Buffet, but I'm not sure of the model. It has the Buffet Crampon & Cie, etched into the wood and is also marked Made in W. Germany. The serial number is 250992. I thinking this is probably an E11 but can't seem to find a page on differentiating the models, by features.

Also, I have VanDoren MPCs model 2RV and V45. Which would you think would be a suitable MPC for a beginner ? I love my Plasticover 1.5 reeds and VanDoren Optimum lig.

PS... I have near disposable Evette junker and a B12 in the mail that I will cycle her through first so I don't go through the roof when she comes home with what used to be a clarinet. I'm thinking the Evette for say first 3 weeks until she can do half a major scale, the B12 for maybe half a year and then this whatever it is.... E11 I think.... or whatever her teacher suggests.

All about Clarinets / Tenon Cork Recommendations ?
« on: December 24, 2020, 09:20:35 PM »
I have some cheap clarinets I'd like to donate to a school. Evettes .. B12's that sort of thing. A lot of them need new tenon cork. Perhaps someone can recommend types and sellers and if you really want to go all out, perhaps a short review for either.

I have used contact cement and done a decent job but I've run out of cork and am not confident I got good quality stuff in the first place. Thanks.

Make and Model lists and research / French Selmer Alto Valuation ??
« on: November 24, 2020, 11:56:34 PM »
I'm lightening my load for a big transnational move. One of the instruments I found in my collection was a 2 piece Alto Clarinet by Selmer. Ebony. It's certainly playable with no noticeable defects. I'm almost toying with keeping it as it has such a nice tone. I asked my local instrument tech for a quote on a repad and set up and he wanted $450 CAD,,, ie about $350 USD. For one who only picks up a soprano once in awhile to do some noodling, I don't think i even deserve this, nor at a cost of $450 to get it into top shape.

When i went on Ebay, I was shocked at what the high end pricing was on these: $4500 !! Some even higher. as it's late at night, I can't retrieve a serial number or other identifying info except it's marked France and I think Depois .. or something like that.

The problem I'm having is that the low end price of these Selmer wooden altos is allso quite low at only one or two hundred dollars.

My dilemma now is I can't, using Ebay, even nail down a market valuation for these as they are wildly all over the place. If I sell this I have no idea what to ask. I also don't know what repads should cost.

What I'm thinking, is to repad this myself or at least make all the adjustments necessarry to get it to play as well as it can with the pads already on it. I'm a certified machinist with a wealth of tools that would make professional instrument shops envious. i do not however have the skills to do this.

What I'm asking here is this: Can you tell me a process or a direction I ought to follow in assessing this horn's fair market value ? Without going to some school, even if I could, how might I get some instruction on doing the adjustments or taking on the task of doing my own repad ?

Thank you so much for your time in replying.


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