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Thanks for the reply!  I don't know the precise date they were manufactured or purchased - my best family info puts it in the 1950s, and the serial (from online lists) seems to suggest the mid-1950s and the very earliest R-13s.  They are marked "Made in France" below the Buffet logo on both the bell and body of the instruments.  Both serial numbers start with "52."

I'm looking for some help confirming the identification of a pair of old Buffet Crampon clarinets that have recently come my way.  Based on the history of the instruments, I believe they were likely purchased in the 1950s.  The serial numbers start with "52" and are five numbers long.  They are beautiful, well-loved, wood instruments that I suspect may be R13 models from perhaps one of the first years of production in the mid-1950s, but I'm hoping to learn more about what I have on my hands.  Any help is appreciated!

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