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All about Clarinets / Re: McIntyre Clarinet
« on: October 25, 2021, 09:24:00 PM »
For fun I picked up a McIntyre "Artiste" wood model for a reasonable price, and was pleasantly surprised to find it in totally playable condition, no pad leaks at all, key chrome still intact. Tenon corks barely functional and will need replacing at some point but something I enjoy doing.  The "only" issue I have with it is the left hand index finger Bb key has considerable play on the ring before the mystery mechanism opens the keypad.  If I am not aggressive on it the note seems to appear when it wants to,  sort of like a sticky pad on a sax...

I decided to acquire a second Artiste to be able to have one to take apart and learn to regulate.  It arrived, missing pads and sluggish keywork due to decades of neglect, just what I needed!  As it turns out the disassembly is pretty simple and straightforward and cleaning and lubricating the long screw rods that hold the bizarre mechanism on the upper joint solved all of the keywork problems on reassembly.  I will add, that the key delay on the Bb carries to this one as well, but I have some ideas on how to deal with it, and once I install new pads I will work on that. 

The playable one is probably an OK intermediate clarinet, holding no candle at all to my Selmer 10S or the Centered Tone.

A total expenditure of $300 bucks for the pair makes this a very good purchase as far as I am concerned.

I'll follow with some pictures at some point.

The confusing part to me is that there are no serial numbers anywhere on either horn.  "Made in France" is stamped on the top front of the upper joints.  The McIntyre System logo stamp on bells, upper joints, and barrel are sharp and still factory gold.  No SNs....  strange.

Trading Post / Re: Good stuff on ebay
« on: October 12, 2021, 09:57:12 PM »
McIntyre time folks!  Two are listed at give-away prices on Ebay.  "Buy It Now", too.  You might wait a while to see one again, and next time, they won't be this cheap, I suspect.

These listings are still there...  The wooden Artiste is listed at 200 bucks, but the strange part comes in the quanty available, quantity sold columns....   0 avail, 4 sold...  clicking the sold brings up 4 sales of the two listed in this ad.

I messaged the seller to find out if there are actually any available stilll, but have an uneasy feeling that a "Picker" having a stash of rareish clarinets is a liitle iffy...

Almost hit buy it now then noticed the avail /sold numbers and hesitated.   




What is the extra key on the upper body? I see 4 keys in a line above the c hole

The the patented McIntyre McSystem. Those four holes mean that you can play all throat tone notes - G, Ab, A, Bb without having to take your fingers off of the three upper rings - by pressing down the rings in certain combinations you can get all the throat tones. This is much faster when you get used to it, but is much slower when learning.

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