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All about Clarinets / Clarinet Pads vs Saxophone Pads
« on: May 11, 2022, 03:22:49 AM »
Hello All-
I have a beginners question - is there any difference between a plain ( no resonator ) saxophone pad and a clarinet pad of the same thickness and similar materials?
I am attempting to overhaul an old Vito bass clarinet and it appears to need pads of 3 different thicknesses with the bottom 6 definitely being sax pads as they are very thick and have resonators. Can I use sax pads (of the correct thickness) for the rest or will that cause trouble down the road?


Just for the record & in case other people have this problem down the road -

My Vito bass clarinet (2334B) uses mostly thick saxophone pads, with the largest 5 having resonators. Only the 4 pads that have flat shallow cups use regular clarinet pads

As a complete beginner, I thought it made sense to buy a pre-assembled pad set which caused a great deal of head scratching and bewilderment as it turns out only 4 of them fit my instrument. The material suppliers on the web will happily let you select & send you a set of Vito bass clarinet pads without any mention of the fact that not all Vitos use clarinet pads.

Mine has some chipping at the center that might indicate that someone tried to pry it apart.
Fortunately, the seat for the pad right above the center joint looks ok.

Maybe another point of reference, the clarinet came with a Selmer Paris mouthpiece that appears to have silver plated hardware and a nicely finished cover that looks like an old fancy salt shaker.

Some of the pads are a bit sticky and the bottom cock is loose so if the instrument is really about 50 years old I have a good excuse to take it apart!
I have never owned or played a woodwind instrument and as a clockmaker, I find this thing to be mechanically exquisite - it is a pleasure to use, a quality that I value greatly.
I was mainly inspired to try a bass clarinet because of Captain Beefheart and Reich's Music of 18 Musicians.

Hello, I recently bought a Vito Reso-tone bass clarinet on a whim at a local antiques mall.
I am unsure of the model #, the serial # is 2334B with a one-piece plastic body and oval logo. The low number places it maybe in the early 70s? Why does the serial number have a letter suffix instead of prefix like the others I see listed?
One interesting thing I noticed is that the keywork is made for a two-piece instrument - would that be an indication that it has a French keyset?
Am a clockmaker by trade and had no trouble repairing a few slightly bent parts and the keys feel really nice.

If anybody has any thoughts on the date/model #, please chime in.

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