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There's an air leak in the lower joint that keeps it from being fully functional at the moment but I'll be taking care of that when I find a good woodwind tech or when I figure it out myself. I took a bassoon to a Music & Arts and when I got it back the stringed tenon came back corked so I don't think she's going there  >:(

So after looking at the pics do you have any further idea where she fits in the timeline?

Also, here's a closer look at the bell. Hope it helps  :)

And here's the other two pics  :

I used photobucket because I was afraid I would exceed the size limits (which I did...lol). I've resized them and we'll try direct uploading (fingers crossed)

Here are some pics:


As you can tell, the case is made to fit into a Martin alto sax case which houses a 1930s? Elkhart Band Instrument Co. sax...and underneath the clarinet case is a fitting to carry a flute as well! Sadly, no documentation came with the case...although there was a nice reed trimmer with blades for alto sax and clarinet :)

Here's one more for the timeline.

I just acquired a P-M Empire (NOT Empire State) clarinet, serial # H2240-B horizontally on both upper and lower joint.

I think, from reading the timeline that it would be pre-1937....or am I reading it incorrectly?  ???

Also, the bell is wood but lacks a metal ring around the mouth of the bell. Does anyone know if they were produced that way? It certainly doesn't appear to be damaged so I'm a little confused  :-\

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