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 Im needing to price an old Werner Wetzel Oboe made in Berlín.
 I couldnt find anything on ebay or other internet sources... :( Thats why Im asking here!

 Can you help me with this?

Thanks!!! :)

Some information on the key features would be helpful. Oboes typically are divided into three categories depending on the key work;- student, intermediate, and modern/professional. Some photos would help with that.

I would say look in the oboes "sold" listings on ebay for the most similar instrument to the one you have if you can't find one that is an exact match. See what the range of sold oboe prices is. Consider the condition of the other parts and case as well.

The ring style dates this as an older model, and the rings make it less desirable.  I had a buyer return an oboe because he hated the rings so much.

You do, however, have some special things here and there.  What appears to be a special linkage on the top section, a roller on the lower section - these things will increase the price.

One of my recent sales is here:

This one is not as swagged-out as yours is, and sold for a Best Offer of $400.

The right buyer is so critically important.  I once sold a plastic Artley oboe for $400 in CASH.  I have a very rare Kohlert with thumbplate that isn't selling at all.  You should probably get $500 or so if you hold out until the right person comes.

Reddit is also an excellent resource; they helped me identify a bassoon that had such an obliterated logo that all that was visible was an N, an A, and an R.

Here's the oboe subreddit where you're likely to get a more definitive answer:

Thanks Dave!

Im gonna check in ebay sold items and ask in Reddit! I am trying everything to price this thing correctly. I never thought that it would be that hard! And Im surprised that Im enjoying this...


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