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Author Topic: Harry Pedler & Co./The Pedler Co. Thread  (Read 59018 times)

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Re: Harry Pedler & Co./The Pedler Co. Thread
« Reply #180 on: October 02, 2023, 06:27:16 PM »
The bell came today.  It certainly says Harry Pedler & Co. and HP.  The engraving was type set, and is in the same general font and depth.  While HP may just be his initials, and a first attempt at a logo, it was at a time when that would have confused a good many, I reckon.

We may be no further forward, but this certainly is interesting and unique, and another piece of the puzzle:
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Re: Harry Pedler & Co./The Pedler Co. Thread
« Reply #181 on: November 05, 2023, 11:55:36 AM »
I'm sure the HP monogram caused some confusion with the HP for high pitch stamps that were common back in the days of the HP-LP schism.
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