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Author Topic: Trading Post Guide  (Read 3877 times)

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Trading Post Guide
« on: July 26, 2017, 12:23:25 PM »
ClarinetPages.info allows members to post BST (Buy, Sell, Trade) posts.
These posts will be posted in the main forum thread; all posts are in one place that way.

Quick guidelines:
1. Post title will be in the following format examples:
"(BUY) Selmer Series 9"
"(SELL) LeBlanc Symphonie IV"
Posts will have BUY, SELL, or TRADE, or LISTED in parentheses as the first word in the post.
BUY refers to clarinets that the poster is looking for (aka wanted).
SELL refers to clarinets that the poster is looking to sell.
TRADE refers to clarinets that the poster is looking to trade for another clarinet, goods, or other services.
LISTED refers to clarinets that the poster has listed on ebay, Reverb, or other selling site. A link may be posted to the listing.
2. Posts will have detailed description of condition, as well as pictures.
3. Posts will NOT have prices listed.
4. Members are to contact each other directly through the forum's Private Message system, or by email.

Clarinetpages.info, Clarinetpages.net and/or site moderators are not and will not be held responsible for the private transactions of any members. Members understand that BST posts are to be followed through with at the member's own risk. Clarinetpages.info is responsible only for maintaining the integrity and appropriateness of BST posts.

Remember, I'll be monitoring these posts carefully so please follow the rules!
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