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I have a pedler flute Woodwinds Elkhart Indiana this is not the pedler company looks like a solid silver flute it is a premiere pedler serial number 4060 any ideas what this would be worth, it works.

Pictures are always helpful!
I'm not a flute expert but the few flutes I have sold: Gemeinhardt 2SP, Buffet Crampon Cooper Scale sold for $100 each
1950s CW Blessing sold for $50, and a 1960s Artley sold for $90.

Things like Wm S. Haynes sell for several hundred to thousand, so there quite a huge range in prices for flutes.

To my knowledge, a Pedler Premiere or Premier is a silver plated flute. These are less common than other makes from Elkhart, but usually sell in good bones condition for less than $50. Restored, depending on how well that is done could be worth considerably more.

Please report the serial number with some photos on the Pedler serial thread.  :)

I sure wish we had pictures. I didn't see this post 120 days ago!


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