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Author Topic: (SELL) Full list of Clarinets, Flute & Piccolo for sale  (Read 1922 times)

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(SELL) Full list of Clarinets, Flute & Piccolo for sale
« on: November 29, 2017, 11:39:18 AM »
While on my last trip for work, I sat down and made a full list of clarinets that just don't fit my collection.  A lot of these were purchased when I was doing Henry Gunckel research, research on another La Couture Bousey maker, some came in a collection that I purchased for a couple of Henry Gunckel clarinets, and some were just purchased because I thought I needed them at the time.  One was used as a practice clarinet at home by my daughter until last week when she received a major upgrade (Conn 444N).  I have listed details on each of these in their brief descriptions and can get you pictures if anyone is interested.  These will all be going on Ebay this weekend and they will all hopefully be finding a new home, as I just don't have the time or desire to work on ones that I will not be keeping in my collection right now and my wife says they are just cluttering up my office. 

Unless noted with what brand of pads they have, the clarinet has not been touched except to play test.  Clarinets that have brand of pads noted have been cleaned, oiled, re-padded and keys polished.

#1 JTL Legion D' Honneur - Bb LP, Plays very nice, Valentino Green back pads, numerous old repaired cracks.  ORIGINAL CASE with ORIGINAL JTL REED HOLDER BOX, NO NAME PLASTIC MP.

#2 JTL 6-Key Simple Piccolo - Key of D?, New Music Medic Black Leather Pads, 2 repaired cracks in the barrel, missing a ring on the head joint.  I don't play piccolo, don't know how to, but it does play notes with my little ability.  NO CASE.

#3 Normandy "Special" - Bb - SN-2635D, Valentino Green backs on UJ, Valentino Master Series on LJ, my daughter used this for her practice clarinet at home until last week.  This is the harder to find version with wooden bell, bell does have a very small spot on the base that has been repaired where the wood chipped by the lower ring. NO CASE.

#4 Carl Fischer - Bb HP - 16 Key 4 Ring Albert, w/additional C#/G# Trill key for RH5 & Double Eb key for LH5.  Grenadilla wood is very nice on this one with no cracks, German silver Keys, it does play, but could probably use a couple pads.  Pads were replaced at some point a long time ago with synthetic pads. Very unique clarinet that I could not determine the maker of.  NO CASE.

#5 G. Penzel "Pacemaker" - Bb, SN-U3477B, stamped France at base of LJ, thumb rest is not original.  Nice tight grained granadilla wood with no cracks, it does play, but the pads are very old and definitely need to be replaced soon.  NO CASE.

#6 Gonet et Cie - 7-Ring, Boehm 17/7 Bb, Couesnon "Stencil", probably made 1910-1920.  Original parts throughout including barrel, Bell does have a crack on the backside that I have not repaired, but joints and barrel very solid.  Bridge key on the UJ is broken and did not come with when I purchased it.  This one needs re-padded badly as 3-4 are missing.  If re-padded this clarinet would still be playable with the broken bridge key with alternate fingerings.  Very rare Couesnon "stencil" to find.  NO CASE.

#7 W.T. Armstrong flute - SN-43970, Don't know anything about flutes, but my daughter when she was experimenting with playing the flute did play a little on it.  Body of flute is nice, and comes in ORIGINAL CASE.

#8 Paul Dupree - Boehm Bb - SN- 576, Clarinet does play, daughter # 2 used it for practice until I had her Buffet E12 finished.  Barrel is not original, though the original barrel will be included (Spiral crack from top to bottom).  Does not have the original bell, currently has a plastic Etude bell that will come with it.  COMES WITH ORIGINAL CASE.

#9 Conn 34N - 7-Ring - Boehm 17/7 Bb LP, Ebonite / Hard Rubber body, Barrel, UJ & LJ have a yellowish/brown tint, bell is black.  Original MP with Eagle logo.  Clarinet does play, but pads are old.  Come with ORIGINAL CASE.

       If any forum members are interested in any of these before they are listed this weekend just let me know, I will give anyone here first dibs on them.  I can get you pictures of them and tell you anything that I know about any of them.  I will offer these to any forum members for the opening bid/reserve price that will be put on each of them.  Shipping will run $ 15.00.  I do have some extra old cases floating around that I would include with any purchases, none are in very good condition, but would work for shipping.

        You can either PM me or send me an email at steve@asmusherefords.com if you are interested in any of these.

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