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Revisiting the Tin Whistle


Ok, so I'm going to give it a go again!  I ordered a new Clarke Sweetone in D. My previous attempt was with an old Walton's brass model with a body that's a bit out of round.

Updates (and of course, pics) will follow. The goal here is to learn to play chromatically and take the instrument more seriously than I have initially.   Stay tuned !!

This thing is fun!  From what I remember from the Walton, this Clarke plays much better. Playing "over the break" is almost effortless. The conical bore may have something to do with it.

Well, I found the old Walton today. I think I know why it's such a dog and I think I can fix it!

Have fun! The tin whistle is just a joy to play on, and very difficult to sound bad on it

Have fun. I have the, a brass Feadóg in D and a steel Generation in C which is much easier to play.


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