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Flute is not an easy instrument!

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I've had this thing about 2 years now and I still can't play a tune properly on it. Beginners will struggle to get below low E. I can just about get D.
When I got my clarinet I was playing tunes within a week!

I quickly gave up the flute. It was just too difficult. I could never get a good embouchure and air flow; after 10 or so minutes I would be so out of breath I would start to feel dizzy and almost pass out.

I gave up the fight, donated it to a charity shop.

I picked up flute in 1970, because it fit in my backpack. I hyperventilated for about 2 weeks until "Mary had a Little Lamb".

I fell so much in love with the sound that I played it EVERY day for the first 10 years, with rare exceptions, until I had some reasonable command. I love it to this day. I love the contrast between the flute and the reed.

For improvising musicians, I recommend the Native American flute as a MUCH easier instrument, with its own special charm. It has helped me to learn subtle breath control and expression, and also to gracefully utilize open holes. Those skills have helped improve my clarinet playing.

I would not recommend playing more than two types of instrument, for anyone wishing to attain any degree of mastery. It spreads you too thin.

I have a native American flute, but I rarely play it because it is very limiting.


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