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Help! I need to know what clarinet this is and around what year it was made.


I got this old clarinet and i need help figuring out what clarinet this it. I think is was made anywhere from 1920-1940. It was my greats aunts passed down to my grandmother then to me. On the bell it says Pan-American DIV.C.G.CONN, LTD.U.S.A. The serial number is 114551. It has a red inside of the case and the outside it brown but kinda looks like alligator skin.

Wrong sub forum, but that’s alright.

Like it says in the bell, it’s a Pan-American which was a division of CG Conn, Ltd.

It’s more likely from the late 30s or 40s, but pictures will help.

Those faux-alligator skin cases were all the rage back then, but are rarely actual reptiles skin.

350 Rocket:
With that serial number, probably 1950 or 1951.

I don't have my notes handy at the moment, but I do recall that serial number 100000 was reached in 1950.


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