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Case linings
« on: September 06, 2020, 03:59:06 AM »
I have been struggling with finding a more appropriate material for lining the inside of a case. I have already redone 2 cases with a poly velvet. Wile it is soft enough and will more than likely last a long time it seems to be lacking in a few areas.
One is the material itself. It is a man made and it will deteriorate over time and the off gases will not take kindly to metal.
Another is the thickness of said material. It is relatively thin. It provides some amount of cushion but I wouldn't mind thicker.
Now I notice that the older cases have either a thick twill loop whatever type of either cotton or wool liner. It is a natural material which seems to hold up pretty well considering some of it is 50 plus years old. If I am correct, rayon is made from bamboo. Does rayon count as a natural material?
So my question is what is this sort of material called more specifically, not velvet or suede. I have been looking around and from what little better have found is that it is some sort of upholstery. Anyone have experience with this sort of thing?
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