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Author Topic: Buffet Crampon & Cie, when did they drop the "BREVETÉS S.G.D.G."?  (Read 1114 times)

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OK, now that I have Buffet Crampon & Cie clarinets from 1859, to the late 1940s, I noticed early instruments, from at least 1859 to the 1870s have "BREVETÉS S.G.D.G." (in this case, Brevetés Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement; patents without government guarantee) where I have an 1886 and a 1906 that don't have it.  I don't think it had anything to do with where it was sold, as these have come from all over the world.  Seemingly this ended around 1885, when they started with serial numbers?  I have another one on the way with the patent mark, so I want to assume this is also from the early 1860s to 1884 sometime.
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Re: Buffet Crampon & Cie, when did they drop the "BREVETÉS S.G.D.G."?
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Interesting observation, Modernicus.  I suspect something must have changed to have them drop the "SGDG" stamp.  It might be worth going down a French "Rabbit Hole", as I find that sort of thing fascinating, too, though I do not envy your quest.  Was it assumed by then that the government would offer no guarantee,  or did the government begin to "back" clarinets toward the end of the 19th century?  Very curious.
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