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Author Topic: Thibouville / F. Espagnet Bordeaux Bb LP Boehm circa early 1900s?  (Read 159 times)

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I'm assuming a date of early 1900s here, for lack of any other info.  Seemingly this was made by one of the Thibouville factories for what was likely an instrument dealer.  The Thibouville logo is one of the variations of an oval cartouche with simply "Thibouville" stamped inside, and five pointed stars above and below.  On the bell, there are two ovals stacked with the Espagnet being the lower one, and the lower star is below it- so the two marks are integrated.  Came in nice era correct, likely original case with an old A. Lelandais reed box, wood mouthpiece in decent shape, and even the lock key (lock is sort of jammed, though, and somebody removed the hinge pin on the lock flap to open it in the past).  There's a tight crack to the upper joint top tone hole, barrel is stuck.  Otherwise in quite nice condition, or perhaps because it's cracked it has stood untouched.  All-in-all a charming snapshot of history in addition to the instrument itself.  BTW, I compared this to my early Thibouville Freres and my Camille Thibouville and it is distinctly different from those, though some characteristics are similar, so I can still see the family influence.
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Re: Thibouville / F. Espagnet Bordeaux Bb LP Boehm circa early 1900s?
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Your date seems right. Can't be later than 1923. The case looks like a 10's product as well.
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