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Author Topic: What are some good literary works for BBb Contrabass Clarinet?  (Read 524 times)

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I have tried searching Sheet Music Plus, but my only findings were clarinet choir parts and parts in scores. Are there any good solo works for BBb Contrabass Clarinet? I own a Concert and Contest book for Bb Bass Clarinet, which I used to use for my Selmer Bundy Contralto Clarinet, but have also found the book compatible with BBb Contra as the highest note out of all the solos in the book is C4 (for a BBb with extended range to low written C). I have never experimented with the altissimo tones on my BBb. I just don't think I am there yet. I barely ever play either of my contras these days. I have been focusing more on getting better at Alto Sax. I would also like to try and learn the Bb Soprano Clarinet. I really like the way it sounds and its versatility. It seems like a great instrument to learn. I would be somewhat of a beginner, however; I am more experienced on the contra clarinets and Alto, Tenor, and Soprano saxes, and these instruments are much different than the Bb Soprano Clarinet. I own a Bb Soprano Clarinet but have to bring it to my local repair tech to have a cork installed on the middle tenon joint. It's just an old instrument. I would love to get it playable again so I can start learning.

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Re: What are some good literary works for BBb Contrabass Clarinet?
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2022, 07:30:32 AM »
I'll get you in touch with one of the country's preeminent low woodwind experts.
David Watson of the original The Clarinet Pages
Virginia Beach, Virginia