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Author Topic: Does anyone have a barrel for a Penzel Mueller Albert System Bb Clarinet?  (Read 156 times)

Offline Ben Goldberg

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I got a hold of a nice Penzel Mueller Bb LP Albert System but it plays a little flat. Wondering if anyone might have a 64 mm barrel for this horn.

Offline Windsong

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That's a hard one. 
With current sellers asking between $210-250 for allegedly decent Sol Yaged PM barrels, It could be a while.  The one barrel with cracks(?) and missing the socket ring could be cut down, but what a hassle for something already in need of quite a bit of work.
I am in a similar boat.  I have a (Boehm) Brilliante that truly needs a 62mm barrel to play in tune.  An accubore fits the bill for now.
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