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Author Topic: Help Identifying Handed Down "France" Clarinet  (Read 1159 times)

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Help Identifying Handed Down "France" Clarinet
« on: February 07, 2024, 08:01:16 PM »
I need some help identifying a clarinet. I've searched and read to no avail so far.
It was purchased used in the 1960s and played by my father in school. He has now given it to my daughter. It plays pretty well, but certainly needs some maintenance work (pads, cork, etc.). I plan to take it to my local instrument repair shop for that work, but wanted to get an idea what we had first if possible.

Here's what I (a brass player :-) ) know so far:
It is wood
It appears to be a Standard Boehm fingering
Each piece is marked "FRANCE" stamped into the wood in block letters. No "Made in...", just FRANCE.  Even the mouthpiece and ligature have the France stamp, although the mouthpiece font is more of a script.
It has a serial number of 11724 stamped on the upper and lower joints.  The stamping is clearly done by hand based on variation in alignment.
I cannot find any other markings of any kind.

I've included a number of pictures that I hope will be helpful.  If there is something specific I should get a picture of, I am glad to.

Thanks in advance for sharing your time, knowledge and experience.
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Re: Identification of Handed Down "France" Clarinet
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2024, 08:02:34 PM »
A few more pics

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Re: Help Identifying Handed Down "France" Clarinet
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2024, 01:02:44 AM »
Interesting! Tough one. That "France" stamp should be easy to nail down, but right now I'm not seeing it. I *think* Noblets and Normandys had that type of font. Odd there is no logo though.

I bet this was a stencil that was manufactured in France and exported to be stencilled by somebody, but it never got the actual stencil. Pretty neat.
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