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Author Topic: Questions from a Chinese clarinetist in Germany  (Read 2032 times)

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Questions from a Chinese clarinetist in Germany
« on: September 26, 2012, 06:14:12 AM »
Let\' answer YW\'s questions!

\"Hallo Phil

My name is YW.  I am a chinese.  I have been learning playing clarinet for 8 momths.  I am very pleased to find your website on clarinet.  I find the information you provided very useful.

Would you mind sharing your views on my questions below?

0. I have bought a second handed clarient (thibouville) 8 months ago at a cost of 450 euros from a music shop. The mouthpiece is not the original and the key of B is not functioning. Later I found from your website that it should cost around 150-200 euros something.  It makes me feel regretted that I dont know your site earlier.  

1. I am a complete beginner of the clarinet and I dont know much technique about it.  I find it hard to blow with staccato and the sound for higher notes go weird.

1.1 does the problem lie with technique or the mouthpiece?
1.2 I have read from your site that you have a Noblet on sale.  Should I swtich to it.  But then it means that I have invested 650 euros for 2 klarinets!

Thanks very muvh, and thanks for developing the website.

YW (from Hong Kong, now in Germany)\"   YW

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RE: Questions from a Chinese clarinetist in Germany
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2012, 06:42:28 PM »
A wooden Noblet would probably be a tad better than a thibouville, but as a total beginner... Just buy a 40 euro Bundy.  That should fulfill yoru needs
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